A Plan for Detroit Neighborhoods to Help Themselves

A Plan for Detroit Neighborhoods to Help Themselves

CDAD is a member of a citywide coalition that is lobbying for a new tool for Detroit neighborhoods.  A “Neighborhood Benefits District” allows neighborhoods to choose to collect funds from property owners within that neighborhood to supplement services our government is struggling to provide: security, snow removal and mosquito abatement.  An NBD would have to be approved by 51% of property owners in the district in order to be created.

On Tuesday, the coalition’s representatives made a presentation to City Council to earn their support for the concept (CDAD was there in support).  A number of Council Members applauded the coalition for being solutions-oriented, and none of those in attendance expressed major hesitations.  Now the coalition is working on drafting the ordinance that is needed at the city level to enable these districts to be created.  Neighborhoods that opt to create a benefits district could experience, not only an improvement in the delivery of important services and lower costs shared among the entire neighborhoods, but ultimately, a stabilization in property values.

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