Draft Urban Agriculture Ordinance

As you may know, the City of Detroit is hoping to pass an ordinance that will regulate urban agriculture.  Essentially, this ordinance will make urban farms and gardens legal, while also setting up processes and rules that will help protect neighborhoods and Detroiters from negative side effects.  For instance, it governs how farms and gardens must handle their waste, what kind of animals are allowed, and how pesticides can be used.  CDAD supports the passage of an ordinance that creates economic activity for Detroiters and increases access to healthy, local foods.  We also want to see that balanced with protections to Detroiters’ property values and the character of our neighborhoods.

Does this ordinance do the trick?  You can download a draft here: Urban_Ag_Draft_12Sept12

And please consider attending one of the upcoming community meetings, held by the City Planning Commission, to learn more and to give your comments on the draft.


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