My perspective on violence in our city

Adults don’t realize that young people watch everything they do—we are very perceptive. From my observation, some adults are well put together, but some just didn’t mature along with the others. I think maturity is a large part of being an adult because you have to know how to control your emotions and anger.

In the city of Detroit, we see a lot of things going and one of the biggest is violence. Violence is not a single person, but a chain reaction.  It takes one person to say, or do something, and someone else to take it to the next level, which leads to conflict and conflict branches off into violence.

Violence is not only in the neighborhoods or on the street, it’s also in schools, homes and work places too. Lots of young people are victims of violent actions like rape, drugs and kidnapping that can just happen while walking to and from school. It’s very scary for innocent kids to experience things like that.

I think the best way for young people to be protected from violence is to not set them up for failure. If you know that your child goes to a school where violence is happening, take them to school yourself or take them to a different school. If there is violence in your home remove your child from that environment. In a work place, just try to avoid it, don’t keep pouring fuel onto the fire.

Joya Cheatham is CDAD’s summer youth intern from Grow Young Detroit Talent. She is 15 and will be in the 10th grade in the fall. As part of her work with us, she is working on a weekly blog question from the perspective of a young person in the City who is working in her community.


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