My Wish List for Detroit

Every year my family takes a vacation to the same old place– Cedar Pointe.  It would be cool if we could just stay in the city and hangout and have a staycation in the D. However,  Detroit doesn’t have  much entertainment for residents.  There are a few interesting  attractions but not as many as there should be in a big city like this. We are in  Motown! We have the Detroit Princess Boat, Belle Isle; they are fun but they are downtown. When you are on vacation, or looking for entertainment, you want  to enjoy yourself and let loose, but  in the city we don’t have a lot of things for families and young adults. In  neighborhoods there are not many  chances  to connect with your neighbors and build relationships.  I think about this sometimes in the places I have visited and the places I would like to go. What are their neighborhood like? What’s fun to do in their communities? In thinking about fun places  I have visited, or would like to go. I made a wish list of places and activities that I enjoyed and  were in the city of Detroit.

Chicago has a lot of attractions and family friendly things to do. You can shop and look around the museums, see the Shedd Aquarium, and Planetarium. At Navy Pier kids get a glimpse of the lake from the Ferris and watch a sports game. We have museums and great teams, but I could use a Ferris wheel…. The Chicago neighborhoods have festivals and block club parties also farmer markets right in their neighborhood, which is really cool.  I live on the eastside, I wish we had these things in my neighborhood.

New York City has Times Square it’s a fast moving place, you have to know how to keep up with the pace. I think Times Square would probably be the most amazing place to visit  because I love the lights and the people watching. Most of the people are tourists, but lots are from New York.  There is a lot of entertainment and opportunities to learn about history in New York; You can go see the Statue of liberty and learn the history of Ellis Island.  There is a lot of history and historical neighborhoods here in Detroit. It would be fun to attract people to that more and give Detroiters an opportunity to learn about all the cool things that of Detroit in the past.  New York  city neighborhood seem to have a sense of community. They have neighborhood watches, block club meetings, parties which probably let neighborhoods’ know each other and build trust. I think that is important.

These  two cities are different from Detroit because they have interesting attractions for people that live there and visitors.  I think that if Detroit had  more activities for residents and tourists, then we would be a popular city and a happening place.These two cities also do stuff in the neighborhoods too, which makes them a little bit more interesting.

Joya Cheatham is CDAD’s summer youth intern from Grow Young Detroit Talent. She is 15 and will be in the 10th grade in the fall. As part of her work with us, she is working on a weekly blog question from the perspective of a young person in the City who is working in her community.


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