Industry Reform

The crisis in Detroit’s neighborhoods has drawn international attention.  A variety of efforts aimed at “re-imagining” the city have been in the news, and CDAD’s own Strategic Framework, a community-driven, participatory neighborhood planning and revitalization tool, has been piloted in two neighborhoods.

These efforts make it clear that stabilizing Detroit’s neighborhoods cannot be accomplished without retooling and rebuilding neighborhood institutions to carry out that mission.  Whether it is the Detroit Works Project, CDAD’s Strategic Framework, or other sustained strategies for tackling the challenges in Detroit’s neighborhoods, residents will need community development organizations and other neighborhood improvement organizations to help them take collective action.  Detroit needs to revamp its community development industry.

CDAD has developed a set of bold recommendations for reforming community development in Detroit.  Here you can download the complete Industry Reform Concept Paper, a strategic approach to re-building an effective community development industry, committed to comprehensive, lasting change for Detroit’s neighborhoods.  You can also download the 2-page Industry Reform Overview.

CDAD’s Industry Reform work is based on in-depth understanding of the current coverage of the city by Community Development Organizations (CDOs).  While this map doesn’t represent all CDOs in Detroit, and does not include block clubs or other neighborhood-based organizations, it is a useful tool for understanding the reach of our current community development industry.  Click the map to be taken to an interactive version.

CDAD is currently working to map not only the geographic boundaries of CDOs, but also the different types of work occurring within those boundaries and the work being done by other neighborhood improvement organizations.  This will help identify where collaboration and cooperation among these organizations is already occurring, or could occur, as well as identifying parts of the city that lack coverage altogether. CDAD’s goal is to guarantee that all Detroit neighborhoods have access to the services of capable CDOs.

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