• Learn All About CDAD

    CDAD has over 15 years of experience serving as the trade association for community development corporations in Detroit.  It recently has expanded its mission, membership, and programs in important and exciting ways to answer the challenges faced by Detroit neighborhoods and residents.  Find out more about the new CDAD.
    Learn All About CDAD
  • Resources for Your Use

    CDAD provides you with toolkits, process guides, and the leading research to help residents, block clubs, community development organizations, and practitioners achieve their community engagement, visioning, and planning goals.  Check out our Resources page for the resources we have compiled and developed, including theStrategic Framework Toolkit and Detroit Community Development Industry Reform Blueprint.

    Resources for Your Use
The Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD), its members, and its supporters strive to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of Detroit neighborhoods.  For 15 years, CDAD has served as the trade association for nonprofit, community-based development organizations in Detroit.  Detroit is at a critical time in its history.  Population loss, property value loss, abandonment, and the threat of a state emergency manager are some of the challenges facing Detroit neighborhoods and residents.  Click here to learn about the different ways CDAD is stepping forward to answer these challenges.  Through expanded membership, new community-based planning tools using the Strategic Framework model, a community development Industry Reform initiative, and public policy advocacy, CDAD is working to support neighborhood efforts to improve our communities.


CDAD is the only citywide voice for Detroit neighborhoods.  With 15 years of history, CDAD seeks to amplify the concerns of neighborhood residents and organizations and produce the public policies needed for our communities to succeed.

Toolkits, Process Guides, and Research

CDAD helps connect residents and organizations with cutting-edge and practical toolkits, process guides, and the leading research to enhance neighborhood improvement and revitalization work.  CDAD members also enjoy access to training and technical assistance opportunities.

Community-Based Planning

CDAD believes that Detroit’s residents should be guiding the vision for Detroit’s future.  Learn more about the Strategic Framework model CDAD has developed to guide community-based planning in a way that engages residents, is data-driven, accounts for limited resources, and is focused on implementation and sustainability.

Community Calendar of Events

Get involved!  CDAD’s calendar includes events for members and non-members alike.