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CDAD’s membership operates on a calendar year basis–so you want to join early in the year to take full advantage of member benefits for that calendar year.

Becoming a member is simple: just complete the Member Application and send in the appropriate membership fee, according to the category of membership that describes you. There are four main categories of CDAD membership. To determine which member class you (as an individual) or your organization would belong to, please read the membership levels below. If you would like to join, you can:

Download and complete our Membership Application:

  • Fill out application and  save on your computer using Adobe Reader. Email it back to and mail your payment to CDAD offices; or
  • Print and fill out your application and mail with payment to CDAD’s offices.


Your check should be made out to “CDAD.” Please mail to  440 Burroughs St., Suite 201, Detroit, MI 48202.

Not sure which membership class you belong to? Having trouble with the form? Email .

Membership Levels

Additional details about membership classes can be found within the actual Membership application an overview is provided here. It is important to determine which category you or your organization would fit so that you can correctly complete the Membership Application.

Please note: these categories are have been slightly revised. If you are a renewing member, check carefully to see which category best describes you or your organization.

Community Development Organization (CDO): A CDO working in Detroit is an organization with these characteristics:

  1. A place based non-profit, tax-exempt organization formed through local leadership;
  2. Dedicated to a specific target area that is publicly known and not city-wide;
  3. Governed primarily by the constituents served by the CDO;
  4. Engaged in certain baseline activities (either directly or through collaboration and facilitation with other local organizations).

Greater detail about the definition of a CDO is included as part of the Membership Application.

  • CDOs are voting members.
  • Membership Fee: $100

Neighborhood Improvement Organization (NIO): NIOs that support and/or partner with CDO’s to improve the quality of life for residents and neighborhoods in the City of Detroit that do not meet the qualifications of a CDO. Examples of qualified ONIOs are included as part of the Membership Application.

  • NIOs are voting members.
  • Membership Fee: $100

Community Groups: Neighborhood-based organizations in Detroit. They are not formal 501c3 non-profits, are volunteer driven, and have little or no funding or paid staff. Examples of such organizations are Block Clubs, Neighborhood Associations, and School-based Organizations.

  • Community Groups are voting members.
  • Membership Fee: $25

Individual: Persons involved in and committed to the goals of community-based economic development.

  • Individual members are non-voting members.
  • Membership Fee: $50 (If you are a Board Member of a voting member category listed above, or a qualified low-income individual, the cost is reduced ($10))

Other Partners: Entities such as for-profit companies, statewide organizations, or governmental bodies who are involved in and committed to the goals of community-based development; entities that either share our vision or partner with our Members.

  • Partners are non-voting members.
  • Membership Fee: $250 for entities with budgets under $1 million; $500 for entities with budgets over $1 million.

Become a Member today by filling out the form below.

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