Capacity Building Committee

Capacity Building Committee:

The Capacity Building Committee meets quarterly to review, discuss and make recommendations regarding CDAD’s capacity building priorities. Committee members play a key role in helping to identify the capacity building needs and gaps that exist in Detroit’s community development sector as well as generate solution-based suggestions to address those needs. The committee serves as a sounding board on relevant emerging issues. Additionally, committee members aid in developing inclusive, needs-based strategies that will benefit the diverse range of community development groups in Detroit.

The Capacity Building Committee is chaired by current board member Rieanna Stewart. Committee term is two years and  CDAD Committee Composition:

Rienna Stewart, Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation
Linda Smith, U-Snap-Bac
Rachel Diskin, CEDAM
Rashanté Carbin, Enterprise Community Partners
Juan Alfaro, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
Camron Baker, CDAD Youth Alumni Network
Kim Theus, Canfield Consortium
Stuart Jacobson, Graduate Student, Wayne State University