Public Policy and Advocacy

Public Policy and Advocacy Overview

CDAD advocates for public policies and resources that advance the work of nonprofit, community-based organizations and resident-led groups in Detroit neighborhoods who are engaged in physical development, land use planning, community organizing, and other activities designed to stabilize and revitalize the quality of life in Detroit.

As a trusted resource and respected advocate on policy issues, CDAD is regularly sought out by public officials, community organizations and coalitions, and the media to provide information and insight.

Policy Team

CDAD’s public policy and advocacy work is staffed by the Policy Team – Ruth Johnson, Public Policy Director, and Yolanda Jackson, Public Policy Manager. From time to time, our work is supported by interns and research students from colleges and universities.

Policy Updates

The Policy Team keeps CDAD members, partners and other stakeholders informed by emailing Policy Updates bi- monthly . Our Policy Updates contain information and news about CDAD policy activities; local, state and federal policy activities; as well as upcoming webinars and learning opportunities. Our members, partners, and policymakers have said that our updates are informative, reliable sources of policy information and news.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee meets monthly to discuss and provide input on how to educate and engage CDAD members around our policy priorities. The Committee also plays an important role of evaluating emerging policy issues to recommend whether CDAD should take a position, disseminate a policy statement, and/or devote organizational and member resources for a policy campaign. As needed, the CDAD board of directors reviews and votes upon the Committee’s recommendations.  

Public policy group