Capacity Building System 

Detroit community-based development organizations, of all sizes, age and mission, face a number of barriers to doing their work.

Detroit has been deeply impacted by the devastating legacy of redlining, disinvestment, and population change. While these community groups across Detroit continue to work tirelessly to strengthen neighborhoods, support residents and build power in the community development sector, they have found themselves facing many barriers – both structural and at the organization level. Including:

        • Access to resources including loans and grants
        • Access to high-quality technical support for real estate development and land use
        • Lack of in-house staff capacity to support and lead real estate development or land use projects
        • Access to resources to develop strong and resilient nonprofit organizations with structures that support innovation and community-centered work
        • A fractured technical assistance field without an easy pathway to getting support
        • Increased need for technical skills in real estate development/rehab that is cost prohibitive