Community Engagement

Meaningful and deep community engagement is at the heart of CDAD’s support for neighborhood and community-based organizations in Detroit. We know an engaged community is better prepared to participate in the planning and development of its own future. CDAD’s community engagement efforts strengthen the network of Detroit’s place-based community organizations and connect residents and groups to our policy work, planning efforts, and capacity building resources. Through engagement, CDAD fosters collaboration and resource sharing among its members to support strong and vibrant Detroit neighborhoods.

Member Services and Benefits: Engagement and training opportunities are an essential benefit to our more than 100 members. We maintain a strong line of communication with our members, aligning our services and programs to their needs and creating unique trainings and resources that help strengthen their networks and build capacity. Learn about how to join and access membership benefits here.

Regular Membership Events: Throughout the year, regular CDAD Events including membership meetings, brown bags, and district caucus meetingsoffer valuable information and networking opportunities on a diverse range of topics important to our membership and neighborhood development. Check out our calendar of events.

District-based Caucuses: CDAD membership is structured around the 7 City Council Districts as a way to promote effective collaboration and information sharing amongst members and other community-based organizations. Each district is represented by a CDAD board member who serves as the key point of contact. In district meetings are held twice per year and communications throughout the year keep caucus members connected. The District Caucuses provide an opportunity for the many organizations throughout each district to learn from each other, strengthen relationships, and build a foundation for future collaboration.

d[COM]munity: Detroit’s Map and Directory of Community-based organizations: Made for and by Detroit’s many community-based organizations, d[COM]munity is an interactive map and directory of groups working to strengthen their neighborhoods. For Detroit neighborhoods, d[COM]munity has become the go-to resource for anyone seeking to learn about and collaborate with the community-based organizations working to support Detroit neighborhoods. Join #dcommunity and #GetOnTheMapDetroit!

Strategic Communications: CDAD stays in touch with it members and the larger community through a variety of methods including monthly e-newsletters, members’ only email updates, social media, and more. We are particularly invested in uplifting and telling the stories of CDAD members and community development in Detroit as they move our communities forward. We utilize video, photo, and social media platforms to highlight the extensive accomplishments and contributions of CDAD members to neighborhood revitalization and progress.
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