Public Policy & Advocacy

CDAD Policy Priorities Platform

Community Development Advocates of Detroit (CDAD) is pleased to present the public policy agenda. We hope that our policy agenda represents a vision for Detroit and Detroit neighborhoods that will bring about change that is beneficial to Detroit residents. Our policy agenda is founded on the idea of a healthy community and what that represents from organizations that work in Detroit neighborhoods. A healthy community framework is a visionary perspective of community that values investment in youth leadership and development, focuses on systems change, benchmarks and measures progress and outcomes, has a shared community vision, and includes diverse perspective and resident participation1. With these principles as a framework, we have worked with our members and stakeholders to identify prevailing systemic policy issues that we hope will get us closer to healthy Detroit through strong neighborhoods.

As a membership organization, we support the work of community development and neighborhood improvement organizations that work in Detroit communities to create neighborhoods that are safe, support residents, and work to improve quality of life in those communities. To that end, CDAD views its policy work as fulfilling our founding mission and principals to serve as an advocate for the industry and neighborhoods as a foundation for a strong city.

CDAD will continue to be a voice that raises critical community issues and advocates for equitable, accountable, and transparent public policy that supports neighborhoods and families. We believe It is imperative that policymakers understand the value of the sector, the challenges it faces, and how we can contribute new approaches and solutions that benefit the people of Detroit.

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The Policy Agenda is crafted with input from the public policy staff, public policy committee, and membership. We continue to demonstrate an ongoing effort to engage our members. CDAD has developed a policy agenda that reflects the values and issues of our membership and the needs of community development in Detroit.

Lead and Collaborate: Work that is is most emergent and timely. Many of these issues continue to be on on the agenda from previous years. The list below identifies the particular issue and the specific objective for that issue that we will focus on for the year. These objectives will be continuously reviewed by the policy committee.

Community Benefits Ordinance

  • Accountable implementation of Community Benefits Agreement Community Development Block Grants
  • Greater partnership with city on CDBG process. Affordable Housing
  • Foreclosure/blight prevention
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Creation of Housing Trust Fund Vacant Property
  • Rehab demolition blight (structure)
  • Land acquisition and disposition (nonstructure)

Partner/ Support/ Monitor: Work that is still developing . Additionally,this group of work includes issues that have been on the policy agenda previously, we will collaborate with the groups leading these efforts and work to share information about these issues.

Community Advisory Councils

  • Work with local organizations to get petitions signed for creation in district.

Landlord/Tenant issues

  • Monitor developing issues related to gentrification, displacement, and development.

Zoning master plan

  • Influencing the process related master plan update and continuing to see transparency in the change process.

Community Land Trusts

  • Educate community about land trusts and support community group testing community land trust concept in city.

Urban Agriculture/ Urban farming

  • Support city in developing ordinance that is developed through robust community engagement.